If you find yourself too often thinking or saying to your children, “Hurry up! We are running out of time!” it may be time to make some time to evaluate commitments. Otherwise, it is too easy to slip into a mode of continual acceleration and nonstop doing, resulting in time pressures on the family.

Stepping off the activity treadmill is important. Stillness needs to be valued, developed, and invited into our homes as a way to restore balance. Downtime is part of a balanced life for all of us, including children. Kids need to know and experience a slowed-down kind of time, so they can have room in their lives for imaginative play, alone time, and time just to “be” with friends. Children benefit, too, from times of boredom, so they know what it is and how to get through it. Sometimes they will need your help to manage it, and in the process they will learn how to get through boredom on their own.

We fool ourselves if we think that someday we will have more time. Each day simply has twenty-four hours. As parents, it is important to personally put into practice, model, and teach our children how to create balance for a healthy and happy life.

Is it time to hit the reset button at your house?