Kids Are For Keeps

November 21, 2023

As many of you know, I’ve recently been letting my imagination play with the idea of retiring from clinical practice. I’ve concluded that now feels like the right time. After 25 years, I’m finding myself ready to begin another chapter in my life, one that I can only hope will be as rich and rewarding as the time I’ve spent with you. I feel grateful for the many ways we played and traveled to new places in life together. My heart is full and I thank you!

Some of you who have collaborated with me over many years have touched base periodically about significant developments, achievements, or changes in your lives. I welcome those communications. If there is more news you would like to communicate, please contact me through my email address (

Finally, remember this good news… Resilience is a dynamic characteristic that has the potential to emerge at any time. If the stresses and adversities in life feel overwhelming for you and/or your child, connect to resources that can help. If you need assistance finding resources, school counselors, school social workers, or family physicians are a good place to get referrals. We are lucky to have so many wonderful professionals in Lincoln.

Feeling grateful,