Parenting DOES Matter

Parenting is an awesome job – awesome because of the life that you will share and awesome because of the life that you will shape.

As parents, we can’t protect our children from every possible unhappiness. New information, however, has reinforced the important role parents do play in their child’s development. Advances in neuroscience, brain scans, and years of research reveal that key emotional systems in the human brain are dramatically affected by the millions of parent-child interactions during childhood. Therefore, parents can set up systems that enable children to have deeply enriching lives.

The good news is that we can use this new knowledge to have fun parenting while effectively parenting. If you are interested in finding out how to respond to your child in ways that will nurture his or her ability to manage emotions well, to think rationally under pressure, and to deal with life’s challenges and stresses constructively, give me a call. I would enjoy discussing the scienceof parenting with you wherever you may be on your journey.