Parents are busy people! It can be hard to remember to make time for positive moments with your child. The great thing is that making time doesn’t necessarily mean taking extra time. You can create positive moments with your child within your daily routine. Here are just a few ideas:

Give your child a spontaneous cuddle, hug, kiss, or some other form of physical affection.

Tell your child that you noticed he or she spent time on that art project, homework assignment, or some other endeavor.

Give your child warm and loving eye contact.

Share laughter.

Read together.

Make your hellos and good-byes special moments of connection and ritual.

Listen. When your child is ready to tell you something, respond with active listening.

It can be easy to get out of the habit of making connections with our kids as they get older. So, remember that it takes very little to move the family toward moments of special “happenings” that create positive connections.

Linger in the moments of connection.