Expectations are wily. They can sneak in and influence our perspectives and behaviors without surfacing in our awareness. Because expectations can be either positive and useful or limiting and distressful, it can be helpful to give some consideration to the expectations we have for our children.

How can we reflect on some of the potential unconscious and limiting expectations we might pass on to our children? One way to increase our awareness is to ask questions.

Are my expectations realistic for my child’s age and development?

Do my expectations provide a positive influence as my child grows?

Am I expecting too much or too little from my child?

Are my expectations going to be beneficial in nurturing my child’s self-esteem?

Do my expectations contribute to my child feeling unconditionally loved?

Uncover expectations so you can hold onto the positive ones and toss out those that limit. Positive, useful expectations are just one way to nurture your child’s health and well-being.