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Do you have the skills you need to be the parent you want to be?

Getting information can be the first step toward becoming a more confident parent, and a more confident parent leads to a happier family life.  As the parent, you and I can work together to
determine what parenting tips, advice, articles, and parenting skills
will best suit your needs.  Together, we can then develop your parenting style effectively.  If you feel there are issues you personally need to investigate, we can address those together. 
Your health and well-being will ultimately benefit your child. 

If you are single parenting, you know it is more than a full-time job and very demanding.  You may not have the support you need to confidently, consistently parent your child.  I can support you in
your job as a single parent, as well as teach you what your child
may be expressing about their needs through their behavior.

If you have conflict in your marriage, it does affect your child.
Many parents have differences that include parenting style. It is important to learn to work together. When parents are not
working cooperatively, children do not behave nearly as well as
when parents function as a team.

If you are a co-parent, the communication between you and the
other parent may be causing stress for your child. While children
may benefit from maintaining relationships with both parents,
conflict between the parents or differences in parenting style may
be making your child's life more difficult. We can work together to minimize the effects of conflict on your child as well as learn new
ways to make less-than-ideal shared parenting situations work

If you are the parent of a teenager, life can be especially
challenging. Even in the best of circumstances, adolescents can
test limits and make you doubt yourself and your abilities. If you
have an anxious or depressed teen, you need support for your
child and advice on how to help them.  I welcome working with
you, the parent, to understand the meaning behind your
teenager's behaviors and words; and I believe in partnering with
you to stay connected to your teen as your relationship grows
and changes.

In your role as a parent it would be beneficial to work through
your personal history to explore how your personal childhood experiences affect you and your parenting style. I would enjoy sharing with you why your role as a parent is so important.  Just
give me a call.

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